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Managing Donations 

One of the key missions of Tote Board is to donate funds for activities that will make for a stronger and better Singapore.

It is also our role to ensure that the gaming surpluses generated through members of the group, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, are channeled back to the community for worthy causes. The recipients of our donations must possess strong corporate governance.

We welcome donation applications in six major areas:
- Arts & Culture - Education
- Charity (Social Service) - Health
- Community Development - Sports

What We Will Fund 

Tote Board generally supports projects / programmes with the following attributes:

Deliver upstream solutions that benefit a significant portion of the community.
Innovative, collaborative, and address specific goals or objectives.

In addition, we also strive to develop sustainable strategic partnerships with organisations that are pioneers in their fields of work and have a national focus. 

What We WILL NOT Fund

As a general rule, our funds cannot / will not be used to fund the following:

Project(s) that benefit only an individual;
Religious activities – for the promotion of a certain religion;
Political activities – for the promotion of a certain political ideology or party; and
Commercial project(s) – for the purpose of profit-making
Debt/loan repayment; and
Payment for services of professional fund-raisers and canvassers


Organisations that obtain our donations are encouraged to publicly acknowledge the support they receive from Tote Board. This helps the public to understand how the gaming surpluses generated by the members of the Group, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, benefit the community.

When Tote Board pledges a donation, we will indicate if publicity should be given solely to Tote Board or members of the Group, that is, Singapore Pools or Singapore Turf Club, or both. We will inform you on the use of our corporate logos in our approval letter.

It is also important to note that publicity for Tote Board has no influence on whether a grant is / will be awarded.